The International Society of Barrister Foundation exists to support the same ideals as the International Society of Barristers: to retain trial by jury; provide training in trial advocacy; encourage civility in the adversary system; and support and improve our system of justice. 



The International Society of Barristers

Christopher P. Wesierski

The ISOB was created in 1965 and is dedicated to preserving trial by jury, the adversary system and an independent judiciary. Its founders conceived the organization to bring together the best of the trial bar in a setting devoid of partisan interests. The emphasis of the organization is on warm fellowship among professionals without regard to their orientations as plaintiffs' or defendants' advocates. In such a setting it becomes possible to consider, rationally and in good will, issues of ethics and excellence in advocacy and the role of litigation in society. The Society's membership consists of Fellows of the Society. As individuals, the Fellows of the Society are committed to the highest of ethical standards and to civility in all their personal and professional relationships. One of the hallmarks of the organization is the inclusion of members' spouses or significant others as full participants in the activities of the Society.
With a limited membership, the Society has Fellows from every state, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, and from Australia, Canada, England, Scotland, and Ireland, with the great majority from the United States.

No lawyer may apply for membership in the Society. New Fellows are elected by the Society's Board of Governors on nomination by an existing Fellow and after inquiry as to the nominee's skill as a trial lawyer and personal and professional integrity directed to other Barristers in the nominee's region and to judges before whom the nominee has tried cases.

The Society holds a week-long convention annually that features an eclectic program, including pre-eminent speakers from a variety of disciplines and interests, designed to widen the members' horizons and deepen their commitment to professional responsibility and service.

For further information about the ISOB, contact the Society's Administrative Secretary:

Professor Donald H. Beskind
Duke University School of Law
210 Science Drive
Durham, NC 27708
(919) 613-7085


David D. Powell, Jr.
First Vice-President

R. Scott Costantino

Second Vice-President

Julie Vacura

James P. Frickleton

Ex. Officio Immediate Past President

Donald H. Beskind
North Carolina
Administrative Secretary & Executive Editor



Next Annual Meeting 

March 2-7, 2025
The Ritz-Carlton
Aruba, Dutch Caribbean