Who We Are - What We Do

The International Society of Barristers was formed to recognize each era’s best advocates that they might join together to support these common goals:

  • Retaining trial by jury in litigated matters;
  • Improving advocacy under an adversary system;
  • Recognizing advocacy as a distinct specialty, with the creation of proper standards for those holding themselves out as advocates;
  • Abolishing animosity between counsel representing plaintiffs and defendants, replacing it with a recognition that all trial lawyers are advocates fully representing the rights of all clients;
  • Encouraging and demanding ethical conduct by all involved in litigation – parties, witnesses, counsel and judges;
  • Insisting that clients be represented by independent counsel owing their allegiance to the client; and
  • Protecting the rights of citizens, the independence of the judiciary and the integrity of the Bar.

Membership is by invitation only which is proceeded by a rigorous screening process that considers the lawyer’s ability, experience, accomplishments and ethical standards as assessed by trial lawyers and judges.

The Society holds an annual meeting and publishes a quarterly journal of topics covered at the meeting and otherwise of interest to its members. Through the International Society of Barristers Foundation, the Society supports the work of other organizations whose endeavors are consistent with the Society’s goals.

For further information about the Society, contact its Administrative Secretary, Professor Donald Beskind at Duke University School of Law.


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Our Charitable Foundation

The International Society of Barristers Foundation, created in 2002 as a 501(c)(3) private charitable foundation, exists to support the same ideals as the International Society of Barristers:  to retain trial by jury; provide training in trial advocacy; encourage civility in the adversary system; and support and improve our system of justice.  The Foundation receives tax-deductible contributions, often in honor or in memory of named individuals, and makes grants in support of the Foundation's mission. Because the ISOB pays all the expenses of the Foundation, 100% of all donations are available to be distributed in the form of grants.


Our Quarterly Journal

Click here to see the available digital versions of past issues of our Quarterly.    We are in the process of scanning all 50 years of the Journal and additional scanned volumes will be added as they become available.