The ISOB Foundation

The International Society of Barrister Foundation exists to support the same ideals as the International Society of Barristers: to retain trial by jury; provide training in trial advocacy; encourage civility in the adversary system; and support and improve our system of justice. 


Trial List Form

INSTRUCTIONS: This form must be filled out completely or it will delay the nomination. Use a new form for each additional page. List only cases tried to verdict. Go back at least ten years, but a more complete trial list is preferable. Normally, the most weight is given to first chair jury trials to verdict although court trials and major arbitrations are considered.
     ·         For Type: use “J” for jury trial, “B” for bench trial, and “A” for arbitration
     ·         For Role: use “L” for lead counsel, “C” for co-counsel; and “2” for second chair
     ·         For Result: indicate the prevailing party and any verdict amount

Please click here to access the submission form.   Fill it out and return by email to