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The International Society of Barrister Foundation exists to support the same ideals as the International Society of Barristers: to retain trial by jury; provide training in trial advocacy; encourage civility in the adversary system; and support and improve our system of justice. 


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National Membership Chair, R. Scott Costantino
It is my sincere honor to serve as the National Membership Chair for the ISOB. This organization means so much to my wife Monica and me. From our very first meeting in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida we have cherished this group. The ISOB seeks the era’s best advocates who are dedicated to preserving the civil jury trial and the independence of our judiciary. Candidates for membership are the best of the best, exemplifying the highest professionalism, ethical conduct, and civility. Yet what makes the ISOB unique is that our members are mostly interested in getting to know each other and our spouses or partners on a personal level. New members quickly discover that the ISOB atmosphere is relaxed, cordial, and good-natured. Our founders envisioned the ISOB as a place where courtroom warriors could enjoy the company of likeminded souls. Plaintiff or defense, regardless of political affiliation, the ISOB is looking for the best trial lawyers on the planet who are also great people. I am humbled to lead our quest to find new members who are as exceptional as those who have come before.

Next Deadline
for Nominations

September 6, 2019


Next Meeting
March 22 - 28, 2020

The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island
Kiawah Island, South Carolina



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