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The International Society of Barrister Foundation exists to support the same ideals as the International Society of Barristers: to retain trial by jury; provide training in trial advocacy; encourage civility in the adversary system; and support and improve our system of justice. 


Trial List Form Timberlake Test

INSTRUCTIONS: The sponsoring Fellow should prepare this nomination and send it to the Administrative Secretary by mail at the above address or by email to Do not inform the nominee that he or she is under consideration. You may fill this form out online and it will generate the spaces, in each category, necessary to complete the nomination.
To see the required qualifications for nomination for fellowship, log onto the ISOB’s website at and click on the “Nominate” tab and then the “How to Nominate” link.
1. Full Name:

2. Law Firm Name:
3. Office Address:
4. Office Telephone:
5. Office Email:
6. Spouse or Partner Name:
7. Home Address:
8. Home Telephone:
9. Personal Email:
10. Martindale-Hubbell Rating: If not rated, please explain why.
11. Date of Birth:
12. Fill out A-H below, OR submit a resume which contains the following information:
A. Post High School education (degrees obtained, schools, and years)
B. If your state has a Certification Program in Civil Trial or Criminal Trial or the equivalent, state whether the Nominee is Board Certified and the date he/she was certified.
C. State in which originally admitted to the Bar, and year
D. Subsequent state admissions, and years
E. List Nominee’s places of employment since law school graduation, the years of employment at each place, and the position held
F. Bar association memberships and offices held
G. Memberships and offices in other trial lawyer’s organizations, e.g. ABOTA, ACTL, IATL, FDCC, ADC, AAJ, IADC, etc.
H. Publications
13. Describe the types of clients represented in past positions (e.g., corporate plaintiffs/defendants, individual plaintiffs/defendants, municipalities, public interest clients) and any recognized areas of practice concentration.
14. Do you estimate that more than 50% of the Nominee’s average professional income is derived from controverted causes, with emphasis upon the personal conduct by the Nominee of litigation in courts?

15. List five trial judges who are qualified, on inquiry, to evaluate the Nominee’s ability as a trial lawyer and who know her or his professional standing. FOR EACH JUDGE PROVIDE THE JUDGE’S FULL NAME AND CURRENT MAILING ADDRESS. Active judges are preferred. Lack of this information results in a delayed nomination for Fellowship.
16. Please complete a “Trial List” for the Nominee using the form on the website. This is found under the “Nominate” heading. The form must be filled out or it will delay the nomination.
17. Has any complaint ever been made against the Nominee to any ethics committee of the bar or has any disciplinary action been taken against the Nominee? Please check with your State Bar to confirm your answer. If so, state the nature of the grievance, the name of the committee, and the disposition thereof.
18. Attach a statement, or fill in the space below, setting forth reasons why you believe the nominee is deserving of election as a Fellow of the Society. Please also obtain a recent headshot photograph of the nominee and submit it with the completed nomination package.
I certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the foregoing information is true and that the Nominee meets the qualification for fellowship.

Signature of Nominating Fellow Date
Nominator’s typed or printed name:
Please mail this completed form to Professor Donald H. Beskind at the address at the top of this form or email a copy of it to him at If you are not the State Membership Chair of the state in which the Nominee practices, please send a copy of the nomination to the nominee’s State Membership Chair. State Membership Chairs may be found by clicking on the “Nominate” tab.